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HTC Touch Diamond 2 ? The Ultimate Business Phone

Overall the engine has given new dimensions to sophistication. The phone is the definitive destination for one search routine with sizeable performance in a handset

HTC Touch Diamond 2 ? The Ultimate Business Phone

HTC Touch Diamond 2 ? The Ultimate Business Phone

The new HTC Touch Diamond 2 is the ultimate warmth in the era of touch engendering providing undertaking and multimedia solutions to the users It provides looks, performance, fashion and many more The specifications and details that the mechanism offers are amazing and almost beyond comparison


The looks of this phone are smartly killing It comes with a substantial 3.2 inches 65k crimson declare with a WVGA LCD Touch Screen It is only 13.7mm deep, 107.9mm big and 53.1mm panoramic which bequeath tenon in the users palm with effortlessness The HTC Touch Diamond 2 weighs 117.5 grams only

Work is More Than Fun

With the new HTC Touch Diamond 2 in hands venture is zero but fair a fun. One will retain a big point to access his venture through this machine as it gives crucial solutions to assignment without aperture and situation boundary Features like tab viewer, pocket office supporting Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note, and PDF instructor are considered as basics; including Qualcomm Processor, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Operating System, Touch FLO 3D Control, Handwriting recognition, AGPS Navigation, Accelerometer for Auto Rotate and Touch Sensitive zoom Bar are breath receiving

The new HTC Touch Diamond 2 is supported by 512 MB ROM and 228 MB RAM and Micro SD card can be used to expand the memory. Battery provides 500 hours of stand-by occasion and 5 hours of prattle point with a single charge

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Stay Plugged In

3G HSPDA, EDGE, Wi-Fi, GPRS, Mini USB, Bluetooth are some connectivity features consign in the HTC Touch Diamond 2 affirming the user to stay connected without a glitch Internet surfing is also viable through HTML browser The Quad Band web helps the users to stay connected wherever they go around the world

Amusement Tool

The Touch Diamond 2 defines gratification in itself The 5 megapixel camera comes with auto and caress swivel aptitude paired with a VGA camera supporting record calls. The handset has inbuilt disc and MP3 or orchestration players supporting succession types like AAC, AAC+, WMA, MP3, WAV, AMP and others FM radio, Polyphonic ad MP3 ringtones are some added features The phone provides progress censored games and furthermore external games can also be downloaded in it.