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Appreciation to The Marriage of The Virgin

In the painting, the matrimonial is held in a sunny place, quite than in the church. The visual center is the ceremony which is the representative of the leave of God, and Joseph wears the mission circle on the hands of Maria The delay characters are standing on both sides, forging a symmetrical composition

Appreciation to The Marriage of The Virgin

Appreciation to The Marriage of The Virgin

Inthe painting, the married is held in a sunny place, rather than in the churchThe visual center is the ceremony which is the representative of the entrust ofGod, and Joseph wears the assignment orb on the hands of Maria The restcharacters are standing on both sides, production a symmetrical composition Bothsides are respectively two groups of spawn men and women A side of womenbehind Maria are her girlfriends, and the family men slow Joseph are thesuitors They hug the sticks pattern proposal. The fellow whose stick bloomsis by providence the Maria’s fianc. The composition of background is the separatesmall groups On both sides, the two groups make the whole aspect expand to bothsides to extend the grandness Foreground characters are arranged on bothsides of the matrimonial in rectangular to reflect the grandeur of the wedding.

Thespatial spread of perspective lines of square stones, shadow of charactersand 16 corners of the Baptistery make the absolute representation donate a profoundsense of infinite The delineation is colorful and harmonious, absolute of tune andseems to hold the marital in music, fairly displaying the painter’s artisticattainments Marias S object shows the allure and shyness of women Josephsbody embodies his power It isJoseph’s stick skipper that blooms a flower The Gods leave makes other suitorslive in pain and anxiety. Some even become angry The foreground heirs mandesperately breaks his approach stick and the bishop credibility presides overthe marriage to reflect their ego

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Twomen and women groups accompanied by 5 connections are reflection with trivial hillsbehind the background buildings to add the gap merit sense. Both men andwomen are shaped thumping beautifully with squad composition in the face andexpressive tacit afford much victuals for concept

Thepainter uses a heap of assorted curves The characters body and weave changesof costume hold caused the break and young feeling. The flawless picture is ofequilateral triangle, with the grand scenes, many vivid characters and livelyportrait portraying the dulcet cadence unified changes.It may be uttered thatthe picture has developed the elite of the Renaissance The composition,environment and number configuration of the illustration all imitate his teacherPeruginos painting Christ Gives the Keyto Peter In addition to with the aesthetic and peace features, this paintingbegins to show its have unique pleasing style. The painting takes symmetricallayout, the background is of indomitable marrow of polygon Baptistery Thehorizontal line, vertical sequence and pamphlet curve are used a lot, resulting ina soft, concise, lively, and melodic charm The painter neatly usesperspective to more the cavity Raphael likes building in the background ofpainting, which is reflected in TheSchool of Athens

Inthis painting, the maternal response and youth fitness embody the humanisticthought, which is besides advocated by folks during the Renaissance periodThe Marriage of The Virginalso fullyshows that Raphael has absorbed the material of art of Perugino and surpassedthe formers. Both the composition and figure building are innovative, especiallythe statement of painting, the depicting of the background, and the grandeur ofthe virgin, which are very intermittent in former paintings

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